SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Local governors responded Tuesday to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision to take steps this week to reopen the state.

The governor has announced that on Friday, some non-essential businesses will be allowed to reopen.

The announcement came three weeks after Kemp issued a shelter-at-home order.

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson shared his reaction to the governor’s announcement during a press conference Tuesday.

Johnson said the Hostess City is not quite ready to go back to normal.

“For me, I am not very comfortable moving forward at this point we are still on the uptick, we have not had a flat day,” said Johnson.

He took time to remind Savannahians that they are captains of their ships.

“You choose where your children go, so I am asking you to continue to follow the science, to continue exercising commons sense, and to continue to stay home,” said Johnson.

He also shared his reaction in an interview with CNN.

“People can see it for themselves. We want them to keep the faith, but we want them to follow the science,” explained Johnson, “This is still a dangerous time. This is not the time for people to take their feet off the gas.”

“This is still a dangerous world and COVID-19 is still killing people,” added Johnson.

Tybee Mayor Shirley Sessions also weighed in on the matter. She said that lately, the governor’s orders have made local leaders feel powerless.

“We understand that we have no power to make big decisions, so what I am trying to do is accept what we can control,” she said.

Sessions said beach parking lots will remain closed, adding that this weekend they usually experience an influx of spring breakers.

She said Tybee Police will not be enforcing social distancing but issuing citations to anyone who disrupts sand dunes or litters.

Sessions is also aware restaurants are free to reopen for limited dining service on Monday.

“I’ve heard from several restaurants on Tybee who have told me they are not going to open until the end of the month and maybe wait and see after that,” said Sessions.

She said Tybee does not have any lifeguards and they are working with a really small staff.

Sessions is also worried about what people may bring with them when visiting the area.

Statesboro Mayor Jonathan McCollar expressed similar sentiments to Johnson and Sessions, saying: “Just because the city can’t issue an order to further protect our citizens doesn’t mean you can’t take action yourself.”

On Facebook Live Monday evening, McCollar said businesses who need time to make sure their employees are comfortable with new guidelines and have proper cleaning supplies should take it.

“Just because you can open on Friday doesn’t mean that you have to,” he said, adding that the mindset doesn’t just apply to businesses.

“As a citizen, only you can determine when it is safe for you to start getting back out into the community,” he said.

McCollar added that he and his family will continue to stay home, social distancing.

He concluded: “Statesboro, we know that we have a bright future. But we won’t have a future that is bright that is not with you.”

According to the governor’s new plans, businesses will still have to practice social distancing.

Kemp said the decision to start reopening was made with the well-being of Georgians in mind along with the advice of medical experts.