‘I don’t feel safe anymore’ WSAV viewers respond to recent mass shootings

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Following two recent deadly mass shootings over the weekend in the United States, WSAV asked our viewers and Facebook audience to respond with whether or not they still feel safe.

Many shared strong opinions and feelings on the two shootings that left at least 30 people dead in Dayton, Ohio; and El Paso, Texas.

“These cowards are not going to make me live in fear!” wrote Penny H. “ I have a CC permit, but have not been carrying. Perhaps this is a sign for me to start, just to protect myself, my family and friends from falling victim to another coward!”

Several others expressed fear in their own cities after the senseless shootings. Sonja L. wrote: “I don’t feel safe in my country anymore.”

“What type of country are we leaving for our children if we can’t find a solution soon?” Cindy S. expressed on the WSAV News 3 Facebook page.

“You think it’s bad now; just imagine what our children will endure when America becomes like those countries where violence and civil unrest is a daily occurrence on the streets of your city,” Cindy added. “In the words of a wise man named MLK: ‘Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.’”

Jimmy C. wrote, “When I’m out in public, I’m usually carrying a weapon of some sort, so no, I feel perfectly safe. My safety is my responsibility, and I take it seriously.”

Following the mass shootings over the weekend — the El Paso Walmart shooting on Saturday and the Dayton shooting on Sunday — the U.S. has now seen 251 mass shootings within 216 days of 2019, according to the Gun Violence Archive, which lists information about shootings in the country.

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