SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Dozens of flights were canceled across the nation after the surging omicron cases. Here in Savannah, some flyers thought their Christmas plans might be grounded. 

A day of travel can already be stressful — and try adding a canceled flight on top of that. 

United Airlines and Delta each canceled more than 100 flights throughout the day nationwide. 

But the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport has been rather lucky this Christmas Eve. Airport spokesperson Candance Carpenter told WSAV News 3 there were no cancellations Friday.

In a statement Carpenter said:

“The best thing for passengers to do is just keep an eye on their apps and make sure they are checking for any delays or cancellations. If they do see a cancellation they need to rebook right away.”

Candace Carpenter

Delta flyer Sharon Harrington was in good spirits for the day. She shared with WSAV she is traveling to see family for the holidays. 

“I am flying to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I am going to New Orleans and I’m going to Virginia Beach and I’m so excited,” Harrington said.

And when asked if she had been greeted with any flight troubles…

“I have not,” Harrington said.  “Everything seems to be going well and I’m super excited.” 

Carpenter suggests travelers download and track their flight status on their designated airline apps.