Update: A woman accused of holding hundreds of dogs in deplorable conditions in two different counties is now behind bars.

Anglea Powell was booked into the Candler County jail tonight.


People in one Montgomery County community say a local woman is running a puppy mill from her home.

They call the conditions “inhumane” and say the dogs aren’t being taken care of but the woman says she is a legitimate breeder.

“I’ve seen videos and evidence, pictures of abuse, shovels knocking dogs out killing them burying them out by the creek. I mean its just gut wrenching what’s going on here,” said a man who used to work nextdoor.

News 3 took video of what local residents are calling a puppy mill. We want to warn this video may be disturbing.

Residents say the owner of the business is Angela Powell. The dogs on the property were covered in their own filth with no clean water in sight.

Gary Collins use to work nextdoor but, not anymore, because he says the conditions were out of control.

“They are always fighting the dogs are always fighting, they don’t get fed properly, they have no clean drinking water, they sleep in standing green water it’s just pitiful conditions for dogs for that many in such a small area,” said Collins.

Locals from the area say they are working to get it shut down but, they say authorities and the department of agriculture aren’t doing anything about it.

“They tell us that they revoked her license but if you get on the department of agriculture and through our investigation we found out that the department of agriculture did not revoke her license they just put on stop block on it so she couldn’t breed she’s still selling puppies we’ve got proof of that,” said Clint Brady, who works nextdoor.

Nearly 500 dogs were living on this property at one point. Powell’s father, Jerry Powell says nearly half have been moved to another location in Candler County.

“And I love her, there ain’t no saying i don’t but she’s just got into a bad situation i don’t think she know’s how to get out of but she’s gon have to. she’s going to have to do something with this mess. someone is going to have to do something,” said Powell.

News 3 did spot one of the owners on the property, we tried to make contact with her but, she got in her car and drove away.

Late this afternoon the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department contacted News 3 to say they have reached a resolution in the case. They would not say what that resolution was.