SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Yellow-legged hornets have made their way to Savannah, and the Georgia Department of Agriculture, GDA, is asking for your help.

“If you can safely take a photo of the suspected yellow-legged hornet, we encourage you to do so to assist us with identification,” stated a GDA press release.

This insect is between 1.2 to 3 centimeters long and is characterized by its black head, orange-yellow face and, of course, yellow legs.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

If you are able to carefully snap a photo of the Yellow-Legged Hornet submit it to the YLH Sightings Form. This includes those who are not in Georgia because officials say any information is valuable.

“Yellow-legged hornets can be dangerous, and we encourage Georgians not to approach and maintain a safe distance when taking photographs,” GDA stated.

Why are they dangerous?

Smaller than the northern giant hornet, this social wasp species can be found in nests with an average of 6,000 workers.

Yellow-legged hornets feed on many insects and if established here, could be dangerous to the honey bee population as they are a food source for them.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Honeybees are pollinators who are vital to the agricultural South and our food supply.

Avoid killing these hornets, as they can look like domestic species that are not a threat to honey bees and pollinate as well. Any questions or comments contact