SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Moving can be hard, especially when you’re moving to a place where you have no connections. It can be harder still to rebuild and meet new people. Even if you’ve lived in Savannah for a while, you can struggle sometimes with making friends.

Here are some ways you can meet new folks in the Hostess City.

Head to the dog park

Have you been walking your dog in the same old spots since you got him or moved here? Say no more. Instead of bringing Fido around the neighborhood, why don’t you try taking him to the dog park for a spin?

Dog parks not only give your dog a chance to meet new friends, but will also give you the opportunity to interact with other pet parents.

There are several dog parks in Savannah. You can check out this list on Bring Fido to see what dog parks are in the area. You can also use the list to see what people in the area have rated each dog park, that way you can know for sure what you’re getting into.

Use an app

As the saying goes, there truly is an app for everything. One such app that can be used is Bumble. While this app is traditionally used for dating, it has an option the app makers call “Bumble BFF” which allows you to meet new friends locally.

There are other apps you can use as well like the Nextdoor app which allows you to meet people in your neighborhood and keep up with what’s going on around your area.

While Facebook has its downsides, there are lots of people in the area who use it. If you’re trying to make friends, it is a great way to get started. There are plenty of Facebook groups in Savannah to help you meet like-minded folks near you.

Here is a link to the general Savannah Connections Facebook group to get you started. There’s also a group for vegans, chess players and musicians. If you take a little bit of time, you’re destined to find what you’re looking for.

Take some classes for fun

Taking any class in Savannah would be a great start to finding new friends. You could join a gym and attend exercise or yoga classes. You could go to the Cultural Arts Center if you’re looking for something different like dance or something in the visual arts sphere. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s probably a class for it somewhere in Savannah.

Take to Reddit

When all else fails, Reddit has your back.

In the Savannah subreddit, you can make your own thread or you can use the search tool to see what suggestions have already been made to those looking for friends in the area. Just remember to be mindful of the rules, check the pinned thread and the sidebar before asking a question, as it might have already been answered in past threads.