How local maintenance companies continue in-home services amid coronavirus

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Maintenance companies are reassuring customers they are working to keep them safe as well as their employees.

It’s during a crisis such as the coronavirus that make critical situations more difficult to respond to, especially when it involves in-home face-to-face services.

Maintenance technicians are asking that people only require assistance if it is an absolute emergency.

“We’re not going in peoples homes unless it is absolutely, positively a dire situation and there is no way they can get by otherwise,” says local plumber, Guy Boyd.

Along with other companies that provide close contact services, Boyd and his technicians are taking precautions such as washing their hands and using gloves and masks while on the job.

“We put on the rubber gloves to try to help and of course we use the proper protocol as well as hand sanitizer. More than anything, it’s just common sense, social distancing and making sure you stay away from people,” Boyd explains.

The companies here to provide service during this crucial time, are doing it with the safety of both themselves and you in mind. Media Specialist at Georgia Power, Allison Gregoire, says they’ve developed social distancing practices to ensure customers get taken care of, safely.

“We know that having the lights on is an absolute must with so many people working from home and so crews are always gonna take the appropriate distance efforts and make sure you and your pets are indoors to maintain safe distance.”

News 3 also spoke to other maintenance companies that have started waiting lists for when they are able to safely provide services.

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