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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The images of last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol are still hard to watch as House Democrats say a message needs to be sent to President Donald Trump.

“With what he said in his past speeches that led to this insurrection, there’s no telling what he would say or what he would do to imperil this country,” said Rep. James Clyburn from South Carolina, who is the third highest-ranking Democrat in the House.

Clyburn says with nine days left, the president has time to inspire or incite more violence.

Republican Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina said that “impeaching a president so close to a new administration is divisive and impedes a peaceful transition of power.”

On Monday in Columbia, South Carolina, about half a dozen of Wilson’s constituents showed up with signs and stood in front of his office there. They said Wilson’s unwillingness to support Electoral College votes perpetuated the lie from Trump about the validity of the election results.

In Georgia, Rep. Buddy Carter, a Republican representing the first district, told News 3 last week he did not vote to accept Electoral College votes in three states, including his own state. But Carter disagreed with the notion he was egging on Trump supporters who are adamant the election was stolen.

“No, I am not, I have never said I thought the election was stolen. I have never said I thought the results were wrong, I have been clear and precise on this in that I thought the process was wrong,” said Carter.

Carter has said in the past he disputes whether the Georgia Secretary of State had the right to agree to changes in such things as absentee ballot signature verification as part of a settlement on a lawsuit filed by Democrats. The congressman says only the state legislature should have been allowed to make changes.

Clyburn says the idea of objecting to the process more than two months after the election and to make that objection in the U.S. House when Carter supposedly has issues with his own state’s process is “an excuse.”

Democrats say it’s time the so-called process issues are put to rest and that House and Senate Republicans start assuring their constituents that the results of the election are correct, i.e. that Trump lost and Joe Biden won.

Carter told us Monday that he would not agree to impeach the president now. His staff sent this statement:

Democrats have been pushing their divisive impeachment narrative ever since President Trump was elected and it is no surprise they will continue through the President’s last day in office. If Washington Democrats were truly interested in reconciliation after the terrible events we witnessed last week, they would focus on it. Instead, they are pursuing impeachment in the closing days of Trump’s presidency.

There will be a peaceful transition of power in a few short days, and I am committed to working with the new Administration for all Americans.

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-Ga.)

But Georgia’s Democrats disagree. Rep. Sanford Bishop from Albany says “the president has continually lied about the election results and attempted a coup. If we don’t impeach, what will stop this from happening again?”

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