Hollywood production prompts talk of new law in Effingham

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A lot of communities in Georgia roll out the red carpet to welcome film productions, but a project in Effingham County has caused some concern.

The project is a true crime series reportedly for Hulu.  But many are asking who knew the production would be filming in Effingham County?

There are about sixty homes in the quiet subdivision where filming is taking place. David Spital owns one.

He shared the flyer, dated October 18, 2018, that detailed when the crew would begin filming the television series on October 22. But he says that’s not how he found out Hollywood was coming to his neighborhood.

Spital says construction of the set started in advance of the actors involvement.

“The first I found was when there was a deputy blocking the road out and I waited for him to tell me what was going on.  He pulled up and told me what was going on,” said Spital.

Effingham County Commissioner, Phil Kieffer, says he only found out about the project when someone complained to him about vehicles speeding in the neighborhood to get to the set. Kieffer says it’s not the first Hollywood production to choose Effingham County as a location.

“We’ve had quite a few films that have been filmed in Effingham County. Most of those we know about because they use public facilities, so, you know, we were obviously, more, made more aware,” Kieffer said. “This is on private property, so we didn’t get the notification so that we could be prepared,” Kieffer said.

The commissioner adds he doesn’t want to stifle film productions in the county, but he believes it’s time for Effingham to adopt notification guidelines whenever film crews are working in the county.

“What’s important is public safety. First responders. We just need to know those things are going on so they can be prepared and know,” said Kieffer.

He says if the commissioners decide to adopt notification requirements, it will not be intended to make film crews feel unwelcome in Effingham County.

“We’re excited, you know, Effingham County is a beautiful place.  We have a lot to show off and we want to share it with the world and, and this is the best way to do it, through the film industry,” Kieffer.

There is no word from Kieffer right now on when the county commission may put a film production notification ordinance on their agenda for consideration. The filming is set to wrap up in February.

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