Hinesville neighbors react to city manager sex allegations

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The City Manager of Hinesville is still employed after being named in an indictment surrounding a sex sting at Fort Valley State University. Kenneth Howard is charged with sodomy and pandering.

Documents reveal Howard paid a woman for oral sex. It also alleges that he convinced that same woman and another to have sex with others for money.

Hinesville residents have opposing opinions about the city’s decision to stand by Howard’s side.

“He’s done wonderful great works here. just really a great guy,” Carrie Wingate said. She’s lived in Hinesville for 30 – 40 years and personally knows Howard.  She says she didn’t know what to believe when she first heard the allegations.

“When they surfaced I was a little bit skeptical, but you have to know both sides of the story. So I didn’t try to prejudge him because I know of the background from which he comes. He comes from an excellent family, excellent background, and it’s just kind of hard to believe that he would be involved with something like that,” Wingate said.

She’s standing with the city. “I’d just prefer not to just throw him to the wolves in other words,” she said.

But there are others who believe Howard should be held accountable.

“If someone has done something wrong we need to put them on leave until we know what the outcome of the investigation is,” Alex Schirah said.

He thinks the city should make a better decision for the neighbors of Hinesville.

“I think he needs to be treated how any of resident would be. If this was another employee of the city they would have put him on administrative leave or something else they wouldn’t have kept him on the job,” Schirah said.

We’re working to learn if a court date has been set.

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