Hinesville mom says son was in care of accused killer

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A neighbor says a Hinesville couple charged in the death of their almost 2-year-old daughter used to run a daycare and mistreated her then 6-month-old son.

Kymonika Farmer-Hawthorn’s says she still thinks about what could have happened to her son Kolin.

“I find myself up, even if I try to go to sleep, and try not to think about it,” she said. “It’s all that’s on my mind…I just can’t.”

Farmer-Hawthorn says her son was in the care of Cynthia Camp. She and her husband, Amir Camp, are charged with killing their daughter just days before her second birthday.

“If you’re doing that to your own child… imagine what you’d do to ours while they were in her care,” Farmer-Hawthorn said.

The Hinesville mom says Camp took care of Kolin and six other children, but there were incidents that led her to take him out of it. First, Farmer-Hawthorn says Camp left her son alone.

“She was outside cutting her grass and as I walked in her house to get my child, he was on the bed, alone, on the edge of the bed,” she said.

Then, Farmer-Hawthorn says Camp forgot to feed Kolin several times.

“She was letting the other kids hold him and going all day without feeding him,” she said, adding, “He’d come back with as many bottles as I sent.”

That’s why Farmer-Hawthorn says she took Kolin out of Camp’s care.

She says her son is fine now. Like other 1-year-olds, he is walking and getting into everything.

Farmer-Hawthorn says she’s just thankful things next door didn’t get worse. She encourages others to think twice before leaving their toddler with someone else — even a neighbor.

“If it’s just somebody random because you’re like me, and in a desperate need, I wouldn’t do it,” said Farmer-Hawthorn.

The couple turned themselves in at Fort Stewart, where Amir Camp, the toddler’s stepfather, is based. The Camps are currently being held at the Liberty County Jail.

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