‘He’s got to get closer to home’ Savannah family needs help transporting son in coma

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A local family thousands of miles away from their son in a coma needs help to move him to a hospital that could help restart his life.

31-year-old Taylor Kortes was working in the film industry in Savannah before he moved to continue his career in Los Angeles. Back in November, he was involved in a crash on the job that toppled the truck he was in from an overpass.

Kortes was severely injured, breaking some 18 bones and suffering from a punctured lung and blood clot in his arm.

“The truck that he was in, he was not supposed to be driving this truck. They were supposed to have another truck and another driver,” said Karla Noonan, Kortes’ mom.

Five days later, she says negligence at the first hospital resulted in him going into a coma.

“The coma was caused from neglect from the hospital that they took him to. They had hit his head several times,” Noonan said.

Kortes’ family is based on Wilmington Island. His mom is a longtime hair stylist in Savannah, and his stepdad, Todd Noonan, works in the film industry in surrounding areas.

They’ve been making periodic trips out to California since the crash.

“We’ve been trying to fly back and forth because I have to be there,” Noonan said. “We have no family, no family or friends out there, no one.” 

Now, they have the opportunity to get Kortes closer to home at a hospital that they believe is his only chance of recovery.

“The three top hospitals in the United States: one’s in Texas, one’s in New Jersey, one’s in Chicago. Those are the ones who specialize in waking him, so we’re trying to get him to that,” Noonan explained.

Insurance will not pay the cost of an air ambulance, so Kortes’ family has been raising money any way they can.

“We just went and got a loan on Todd’s truck, and you know, that’s going to be a part of it,” Noonan said. “We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.”

As they work out the details, researching air ambulance companies and grants, the family is asking anyone who can help to donate to their cause on GoFundMe.

“He needs to start his unfinished life for sure without a doubt,” Noonan said. “And unless we get him to Texas he won’t.

“That can’t be the end of him, it just can’t. He’s got to get closer to home.”

To learn more about Kortes’ story or to donate, visit his GoFundMe page here.

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