Help on the way for dogs living in their own filth in Montgomery County

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New developments in a story we brought you yesterday about hundreds of dogs living in what some say are deplorable conditions in Montgomery county.

Residents say their owner is running a puppy mill. Many of you reached out to us concerned about the dogs well being.

Guardians of Rescue is one of the organizations investigating the alleged puppy mill.They say they’ve reached a resolution with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and Angela Powell, the owner of the breeding business.

They say  if all goes well they will begin  removing them from the home Thursday morning.”We’ve witnessed dogs beaten with shovels to death um just things you wouldn’t believe going on in your backyard,” said a man who works nextdoor.

Clint Brady has worked next door to this dog breeding business for two years. He and other local Higgston residents say they are sick of seeing the dogs suffer at the hand of the business owner Angela Powell.

“We’ve watched and watched and we’ve took proper protocol through the state, Department of Agriculture, humane society and six years later we are still here so it’s time for something to get done,” said Brady.

Now after 6 years of concerned citizens, including Powell’s own family members trying to shut down the business down, they’ve finally made some headway.

Animal rescue group, Guardians of Rescue say they’ve been working with people in the county and the Montogomery Sheriffs office to find a resolution.

“We have an agreement right now with Ms. Powell to start removing dogs as early as Thursday, Ms. Powell also agrees to not renew to permanently relinquish her breeding license as well as no longer breeding animals in the future,” said Tom Adler, an Outreach Intervention Specialist with the organization.

Tom Adler and the organizations team of investigators have been working on this case for  a week.

“Am I upset that this county doesn’t have animal control or uh an animal shelter required absolutely,” said Adler.

He says Guardians of Rescue is currently working in several different counties in Georgia on similar cases. They say their goal is to protect animals who can’t protect themselves.

“Nobody wants someone in New York poking around a small town in Georgia we want to get in and we want to get out. We want to get these animals the help they need,” said Adler.

Adler tells News 3 that if all goes well they will start moving the dogs out within the next 72 hours, but he says they cannot do anything about the dogs in Candler County at this time. He says they are working on removing those dogs as part of a separate investigation.

People who work nearby tell News 3 that Powell moved several more dogs to Candler County in the middle of the night.

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