PORT ROYAL AND BLUFFTON, SC (WSAV) – More than 2.2 billion people around the world don’t have access to safe water, and have to walk miles to get it.

Now a group in Beaufort County is hoping you will walk with them this weekend to help change that.

Volunteers are getting the t-shirts ready for the 6th annual “Water Walk” on Saturday.

The event has raised $400,000 in its history for “Water Mission”, a group helping people in developing nations get safe drinking water.

In many countries, women and children walk more than three miles every day to gather water for their families. Often, the water they gather is unsafe to drink.

By joining the Walk, you’re helping Water Mission provide accessible, life-saving safe water solutions for hundreds of thousands of people

It’s a necessity that many people here take for granted.

“Make them aware of the fact that everyone doesn’t get water by turning on a tap,” said James Pickard, Co-Chairman of Beaufort County Water Walk. “Water is 8 ponds a gallon. the average family in places like Africa uses five gallons a day. That’s 40 pounds of water. Imagine what it is like to carry 40 pounds of water a mile and a half every day.”

More than 500 people are expected to take part in Beaufort County’s Walk for Water this Saturday morning in both Port Royal and Old Town Bluffton.

Walkers will take their bucket, pick up water and walk back in a three-mile long loop to see the challenges many people face every day.

To register, donate or find out more information: