SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The head of the Coastal Health District says it’s still too early to know if we’ve seen the worst of the fourth wave of infections.

Officials continue to wait to see numbers following the labor day weekend.

Labor day weekend crowds were plentiful in and around Savannah, bringing in much needed business for local shops and restaurants…

..and potentially something else.

“The fly in the ointment right now is Labor Day and whether there’s delayed data reporting, and whether Labor Day becomes a super spreader event. like some of our other holidays have seemed to be,” explained Dr. Lawton Davis the director of Coastal Health District.

In Dr. Davis’ address Thursday to the Savannah city council, Davis told city leaders we might be at a plateau in local covid infections, but labor day numbers will tell the true story.

Dr. Davis says the other “fly in the ointment” is getting people to wear masks properly.

He thinks that’s why we’ve seen such a spike in cases among children since the start of school.

“The Delta variant of COVID concentrates itself more in the upper airway, the back of your nose, the back of your throat, more so than did earlier variants,” said Dr. Davis, “So when somebody has it and they cough or sneeze, or just talk loudly and laugh they put out more of the virus particles.” 

Dr. Davis also clarified information about the drug ivermectin.

It’s used to treat parasitic infections like roundworm, but some believe it can be used to treat COVID-19.

Dr. Davis says the dose you’d need to take for it to have a possible impact is too dangerous.

“Taking high doses of it will seriously interfere with other medications that a lot of people take, notably blood thinners,” explained Dr. Davis.

“There is so far zero reputable evidence that Ivermectin does anything beneficial in preventing or in treating COVID.”

Dr. Davis continues to encourage more people to just get vaccinated.

Dr. Davis also says there might be a delay in rolling out a booster shot for those who are not immune-compromised.

He says while the Whitehouse set a date for September 20th, the FDA isn’t scheduled to meet about it until the 17th.