Hampton Co. residents calling for council member to resign

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Hampton County residents are calling for a council member to resign after they say he openly mocked county workers and blasted inaccurate facts on public radio.

Ronald Winn, also known as “Breeze,” was elected to county council two years ago. He says he ran for office to “change the game.”

But some constituents say they’ve had enough of his game.

“He is extremely aggressive and disrespectful and accusatory,” said resident April Polk, one of many who attended to the county council meeting Monday night.

Residents came to dispute a recent letter written and read on public radio by Councilman Winn. 

“He said things about us that’s not true,” said Dennis Nix, a heavy equipment operator for the county. “It’s time for him to stop.”

In the letter, Winn said the heavy equipment operators or “plow boys,” as well as the department of transportation, don’t do their jobs. 

“Get out and get factual information,” said Heavy Equipment Operator Victor Doctor. “There are only five people maintaining this whole county, there are not 30 or 40 people… We do our best.”

News 3 asked Winn about his statements.

“I micromanage and I want every penny that I can get to get my taxes cut and more efficiency in the systems,” he said. “I’m going to keep on telling the truth as I see it.”

In the letter, he also said the animal shelter needs to euthanize unwanted cats and dogs.  

“We are an animal control. We’re not talking about running a renovating service or a shelter. If you don’t have a place for them, terminate them, they cost money,” Winn said.

“We have people that come in and make donations for that. If we euthanize, that costs taxpayers,” County Administrator Rose Dobson-Elliott told News 3.

Dobson-Elliot says Winn buys these ads on the radio all the time, adding, “they are filled with misinformation. They are filled with derogatory remarks.”

Winn says he buys the ads with his own money because it’s the only way he can get everyone to listen. 

Residents recently started a petition online to get Winn to resign. However, senior attorney with the South Carolina Association of Counties says under the law, said Winn doesn’t have to step down.

The only person that can remove him is the governor, and that’s only if he commits a crime and is indicted.  

News 3 asked Winn if he would resign if the majority of the county asked him to. 

“No!” he responded. “They’re going to have to go through the goat because I’m doing good… I feel good inside.”

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