Gulfstream delivers ‘most complex’ jet to Beijing Red Cross

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On Wednesday, Gulfstream handed over the keys for one of its most unique jets yet.

The owners came across the world to pick up their new tool which they hope can save lives.

The client? The Beijing Red Cross Emergency Medical Center.

The plane? A G550 Beijing 990 Medevac Jet.

Gulfstream calls it the ‘most complex’ collaboration’ ever for a G550 jet.

The jet is essentially an emergency room that can fly.

When a patient is wheeled on by the 999 staff, which is the number you can dial for the Red Cross in China, can access them from 360 degrees which allows staff and doctors to perform surgery if needed.

It can service four patients at a time and up to 19 passengers. It can travel around China to service natural disaster survivors and whatever illnesses of calamity that might need immediate medical attention. The jet can travel from Beijing to New York in 13 hours. 

“Most medevac units are used to transport patients to medical care,” Gulfstream President Mark Burns said. “This airplane actually has the ability to resuscitate. It has an incubator on board for children. It also has the ability to do operations on the airplane so the airplane was actually built to save lives on flight.”

 While Burns wouldn’t disclose the cost of the jet, he said the plane has been in the works for two years and is now ready for service.

Gulfstream and Beijing Red Cross have agreed to begin plans to acquire a G650 to add to its fleet of medical aircraft.

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