SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Racial Justice Network is making good on a promise to take their demands to the streets, demanding answers in the fatal police shooting of Maurice Mincey.

“We are out here for a call of action. The call of action is transparency. The call of action is credibility. The call of action is, if this were your son how would you feel? If this were your brother how would you feel,” said Reverend Alan Mainor.

The Minneapolis-based organization announced Tuesday they’ll be holding a protest at 12 p.m. Friday starting at the site Mincey died on E. Bolton Street near Waters Avenue.

“We’re asking everyone to have a peaceful protest on this coming Friday to let them know that the public pays their salary. We want to see the video,” said elder James Johnson of the Racial Justice Network.

Last week, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) released new information on the shooting, citing body camera footage.

Savannah Police Department (SPD) officers pulled a driver over on Saturday, July 17, for reportedly driving through a stop sign. Mincey, 36, was the passenger.

According to the GBI, the footage shows Mincey remove a gun from his waistband and place it in between his legs before SPD Officer Thomas Love ordered him to put his hands in the air.

The agency says Mincey refused and got out of the car, grabbing the gun and moving toward another officer. He was then shot dead.

Last week, the Racial Justice Network called on the GBI to release the bodycam footage of the incident. Representatives said they’d give the agency a few days to release the video before taking to the streets in protest.

“We need to see what they’re talking about and we don’t want to wait three to four weeks, that’s why we’ll be protesting every week until we get them to show the body cam’s and the dash cam’s. And we’re not gonna take what they tell us, the bottom line is we don’t trust them, the black community don’t trust them at all,” added Johnson.

WSAV reached out to the GBI regarding the time frame in which the body cam footage will be released and received the following statement: “These investigations typically take approximately 60-90 days to complete. From there, the completed investigative file is provided to the Chatham County D.A. for next steps.”

As previously stated by city leaders, once Chatham County’s District Attorney receives the completed investigative file it will be turned over to Savannah’s city council to view. At that point, it will become public record.

“We want to see the videos,” Elder James Johnson told reporters Tuesday. “Stop sending messages out there unless you can show the video.”

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