SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Community members were rushing to stores Tuesday to make sure they have everything they need in case of power outages, flooding and tornados.

In stores like Kroger and Publix check-out lines stretch down the aisle as people buy last-minute essentials and at some stores, shopping carts are scarce.

“I have a 21-year-old son who’s special needs, so I’m trying to get everything he needs, so God forbid the electricity goes out, we’ll be safe,” said Casetta Johnson, who teaches students with behavior disorder at Jenkins High School.

To prepare for an outage, Johnson has a cooler and a grill that doesn’t require electricity, so their food stays fresh.

“I’m a runner, but this time around, we are going to stay,” said Emika Brown, a Savannah native. “When they say I got to go, I’m outta here, but this one here, I actually wasn’t paying attention.”

Brown has to work on Wednesday while her kids stay home, so she has spent the day buying food and supplies.

“I’m getting basic things for the house and things the kids like: noodles, sandwich meat, bananas and bread,” said Brown.

Brown prays that they do not have to evacuate and for the safety of her kids.

“I know it’s surprising, but a lot of people are getting frozen and refrigerated stuff which hopefully, if the power ever goes out, it’s not bad,” said Emily Fortier, an Instacart driver.

The Massachusetts native decided to work at Instacart today to help those who are not able to shop for themselves. She notes that a lot of her orders have been stocking up on drinks and dry goods.

“I’m really just fingers crossed at this point,” said Fortier. “I take the punches as they come.”

Walmart shelves right before Idalia impacts Savannah: