Georgia Southern University’s college of business received a five million dollar donation from Greg Parker. 

This is the single largest gift in the university’s history. 

Parker is the founder and president of The Parker Companies. Parker said he donated this amount to the college of business because he wants to help make it a world class business school, with world class leaders. 

“So we’re looking forward to working with Georgia Southern. Bringing the skill set we have at Parker’s to the university of Georgia Southern University, and trying to create a ground… to create future leaders for our market area,” Parker said. 

Parker also said  the donation will be going towards scholarships and research projects. This new partnership will also result in students being able to get internships at his company. 

However,  Parker said  he will be donating more than just money. 

“We’re gonna be partnering with them, but we’re gonna do more than just give our money. We’re gonna give our intellectual capital, we’re gonna give our rolodex, we’re gonna give our CEO mentality. Try to do the things we can necessary, to help improve the students coming out of there, ” Parker said. 

In honor of Parker donating the money to the college, the college of business has been renamed Parker College of Business.

The dean for the college of business, Allen Amason , Ph.D., said this donation will have a huge impact on the school and students.

“Mostly what we’re thrilled about is the potential this gives us like changing lanes to the left. Now we can just go faster we can pass more of our competitors and do more for the region. More for our students. Yeah we’re excited,” Amason said. 

The five million dollar donation will be distributed to  Georgia Southern’s college of business, over the course of five years.