BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — They have now officially ended their high school careers.

But some of this year’s graduates took a little time to remember where their educational career started.

The 30 grads were cheered wildly by the current Red Cedar Elementary students as they walked the halls of their former elementary school Tuesday.

They were part of the first ever kindergarten and first grade classes at Red Cedar Elementary 13 years ago, and were invited to come back one more time to celebrate.

The graduates and their former teachers say it was more emotional than they thought.

“When I had all of these kids they were babies and I have had babies since,” said Erin Berglind, Red Cedar Elementary teacher. “So it pulls at my heartstrings as a mama and as a teacher.”

“I really loved this school growing up,” said Lindsey Hollis, Former Red Cedar student. “I would want my kids to come here all the time when they are kids. It was great kind of makes me want to cry but I’m not doing that in front of people.”

Jasmine Schettino came all the way from North Carolina just to see her old school one last time.

“I didn’t expect it to make me this emotional but it is really sad because we are growing up,” said Jasmine, A North Brunswick High graduate.

About 30 graduates from Bluffton High, May River High and beyond came back to their former school to celebrate.

Officials say this was so successful, it could become an annual tradition.