Gov. Kemp visits Second Harvest Food Bank in Savannah

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Governor Brian Kemp paid a special visit to the Hostess City Wednesday.
He toured businesses around Savannah and spoke on protests happening across the state.

Governor Kemp was at the Second Harvest Food Bank along with other businesses in Savannah checking in on how they’re doing after COVID-19. Kemp is also preparing for more peaceful protests across the Peach State.

The Second Harvest Food Bank staff in Savannah knows recovering after COVID-19 is a marathon and not a sprint.

“During this pandemic they have truly stepped up to what I would say is hyper mode of making sure that we are there for our community,” Second Harvest Food Bank Executive Director, Mary Jane Crouch said.

Elected leaders like Congressman Buddy Carter and Governor Brian Kemp got a first hand look Wednesday at how operations are going during this challenging time.

“Much of what you see here is because of donations from businesses here in Savannah and Chatham County,” Georgia Representative, Buddy Carter said.

“These are unprecedented times and we have a rainy day fund and as we all said it is pouring or it has been,” Governor Kemp said.

Kemp said if the state didn’t start to reopen in phases that money would start to run out devastating even more people.

“We cannot continue in the posture that we were in six or eight weeks ago. It would severely strain operations like this,” Kemp said.

That’s why he is commending those who have stepped in to help including the Georgia National Guard but now those men and women are taking on a new mission after protests erupted throughout the state.

“We have seen over the last four to five days the great work they have done to support people that would like to peacefully protest and demand justice on the injustice that we all saw right before our own eyes,” Kemp said.

In Savannah, those protests stayed peaceful Sunday. Kemp said he applauds the way most demonstrators abides by the city’s curfew.

While tensions are still high during this nationwide unrest, Governor Kemp has one message for those looking to cause problems.

“Those that are coming to our state that want to be disruptive and have a different agenda one of their own not of justice for George Floyd or Ahmaud Arbery they need not come to Georgia because we’re not going to put up with that,” Kemp said.

Governor Kemp did mention that state officials are monitoring groups coming in to the state to cause problems. As of now they don’t have any concrete details on who these groups are.

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