SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The day before her stroke, Wendy Corbin had headaches so bad her husband that Tom took her to the hospital.

Tests didn’t show anything, but by the next morning, she couldn’t put together a complete sentence.

“I thought I just misunderstood her, because I was asleep, and I said what did you say? And I couldn’t decipher anything she said,” Tom recalls.

Tom got Wendy to Memorial Health in Savannah. Doctors warned him she might not survive the day.
He had to break the news to their kids.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, um, but we need to be prepared for the worst. Um, I know your mom doesn’t want to live in a hospital bed the rest of her life.”

However, Wendy said God had another plan for her.

“Proverbs 3, 5 and 6 says trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In everything you do acknowledge him and he will direct your path,” Wendy said.

Her path led to six weeks in the hospital and two rehabilitation centers. Eventually, she learned how to walk and speak again, but she couldn’t remember her own husband of more than 30 years.

“When I had my stroke, my mind reverted back to when we were teenagers, and Tom doesn’t look like that 16-year-old that I fell in love with, now,” she said with a giggle.

Six years later, it’s hard to tell that Wendy Corbin even had a stroke.

She drives, teaches Sunday school, and volunteers answering phones at Isle of Hope United Methodist Church. To help with lingering short-term memory problems, she uses post-it notes.

“If I have somewhere to be in the morning, they the night before I’ll say wake shower, dress, feed Guss or sweet dog, eat breakfast, leave by this time,” Wendy said.

Wendy says she’s happy and thankful for the life she has, and for the prayers that got her this far.

“Prayers avail much. If you have any concern, the Lord wants to hear it,” Wendy said. “He already knows it, but he wants you to show that you trust him.”

Wendy says those prayers for her recovery came from so many, particularly the congregations at Isle of Hope United Methodist Church, Skidaway Island Methodist Church and St. John’s Anglican Episcopal Church.

Wendy Corbin is one of the women who’ll be recognized at the Go Red for Women Luncheon coming up April 21 at the Savannah Country Club. If you’d like to get tickets, click here.