Georgia Southern University promotes students to be physically active

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STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – Georgia Southern University has earned the title of gold level campus through efforts to improve students overall health on campus. 

To earn the title the university’s recreation center and health services worked together to promote the ‘Exercise is a Medicine Campaign on Campus.’

It’s an initiative from the American College of Sports Medicine located in, Indianapolis, Indiana that calls for universities and colleges to encourage physical activity as a vital part of being healthy. 

Professor of Health Sciences and Kinesiology, Bridget Melton, said Georgia Southern is doing so by requiring students to complete one wellness course as part of a Physical Activity Lifestyle Program.

” At college-age students are really learning their own health behaviors that will stick with them for a lifetime. So if we can get them into good health behaviors such as being active every day, eating right and making healthy choices that’s going to follow them the rest of their life,” Melton said.

 Melton noted being active and mental health go hand in hand.

“We do know that physical activity greatly increases one’s mental health. So, if we can get our students active..the first line of defense and as we’ve seen with a lot of studies that physical activity can actually improve your mental health conditions,” Melton explained.

And by promoting being more active the university is also trying to help students perform better when it’s time to hit the books. 

“People who are physically active who have a healthy body weight actually perform better in school. Physical activity not only helps your physical health it helps your mental health which means it helps you to better comprehend, understand, and think,” Melton said.

Melton adds by promoting students having a healthier lifestyle now it might prevent them from experiencing serious health complications in the future. 

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