SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — It’s been a long and hard couple of months for Caitlin Jensen and her family.

Now, Caitlin’s on the road to recovery and has made remarkable progress. Regaining movement in parts of her body and even communicating through a speaking valve.

“It makes all the work worthwhile, you know, physical therapy or all the therapies she’s doing here is extremely difficult and it can be frustrating when you’re working and you don’t see results but when she does see them, it is very exciting,” said Darlene Jensen, Caitlin’s mother.

Since you last heard from Caitlin, she was moved to a rehab facility in Atlanta where she focuses nearly all of her time on getting better.

While she has made remarkable progress in just the three months since her injury, doctors say it’s too soon to tell exactly how much more progress should be expected since she must relearn how to move her arms, legs, neck and even her throat.

“It’s hard to say right now simply because the muscles have atrophy because of how long they’ve not been moving so they’re working right now to build strength through physical therapy and occupational therapy and they also do electronic stimulation on her muscles as well to help rebuild the muscle mass,” Jensen explained.

The Jensen family said they continue to be blown away by the community’s support for Caitlin, something even she’s picked up on.

From letters and cards, to heartfelt messages, they’re thankful for everyone that’s provided support.

“I asked her the other day how she feels about all of the support and she said that it’s thrilling to see it, it does really help her,” Jensen said. “We get cards and letters from all over, from people that have never met her and from many friends and family as well, and the support is invaluable.”

Her family’s goal is to have Caitlin ready for outpatient therapy around the end of October, where she will then undergo more rounds of physical therapy in what’s expected to be a long road to recovery.

If you’d like to help support the Jensens on Caitlin’s road to recovery, you can click here.