SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Georgia Southern University has budgeted $1.2 million to upgrade campus security cameras and video technology.

According to the university, camera upgrades will create an interconnected network of cameras across the region.

It comes after several crimes were committed near the main Georgia Southern campus, including an armed robbery and a car crashing into a dorm late last year.

Officials plan to update from an analog to a digital platform in the resident halls and other buildings in Statesboro, Savannah and Hinesville. New cameras will also be placed at campus entrances.

According to Georgia Southern, these upgrades will contribute to a network of more than 1,800 video cameras across its three campuses.

Georgia Southern will upgrade to Flock cameras, which the university says are motion-activated and record license plate numbers of any vehicle that comes into hall parking lots.

“It can also pick up characteristics of the vehicle- the make, the model, the color,” Georgia Southern University Police Chief Laura McCullough added.

Some students say the security boost is a welcome addition.

“I don’t ever feel unsafe on campus, but I mean, knowing that we’ll have these security cameras in case anything ever does happen will make me feel a lot more comfortable,” said sophomore Ivey Durden.

Others remain skeptical.

“What’s a security camera going to go? It’s going to catch the crime after, but not prevent it,” said Benjamin Button, a freshman.

But McCullough says the cameras are proactive.

“The camera system that we’re talking about can actually give us a notification, so it’s not necessarily that we have to wait for a crime to happen,” she explained.

Some students still want more to be done.

“Just have more campus police walking around just to give people a sense of security even though we may not need it,” said sophomore Sam Daw.

McCullough says officers patrol the campus 24/7 and that the cameras will be installed by the fall semester.