Georgia, South Carolina see surges in COVID-19 cases

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — As COVID-19 continues to surge statewide, local officials are taking action and monitoring cases.

Tuesday, the first update of the new year for Georgia’s COVID-19 numbers was released, showing a sharp uptick in cases and hospitalizations.

Georgia saw nearly 56,000 new cases over a four-day span, with the daily average for the last two weeks surpassing 11,000 new confirmed cases.

That compares to more than 1,800 for the previous two weeks. Over that four-day period, 35 people died.

South Carolina also saw an increase in cases heading into the new year, reporting more than 26,000 new confirmed cases over four days. That’s nearly five times more than the previous two weeks.

In Savannah, Mayor Van Johnson says he plans to stick to the science when it comes to making decisions about upcoming large-scale events. Right now, the plan is to proceed with caution.

The mayor and his COVID advisory team are monitoring the number of surge-driven hospitalizations — something Johnson says is not yet lining up with the number of new cases.

“We’re watching the number of hospitalizations rise. It’s not rising at the same rate as our infections but we’re keeping an eye on that as well,” Johnson said during a press conference Tuesday.

As of right now, the mayor says all scheduled events are a go, including the upcoming MLK parade on Jan. 17.

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