Georgia Senator works to delay tariffs on Chinese autos and parts

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Savannah, Ga. (WSAV) – Georgia Senator Johnny isakson was apparently concerned enough about the possibility of 25 percent tariffs on Chinese autos and auto parts that he met with President Trump.  A statement from Isakson’s office Friday indicated the senator met with Trump on May 3, about a week before the president said he would impose the tariffs.

But now a week later, it seems that tariffs (at least on the autos and auto parts) will wait for up to six months. 

“I’m glad the administration is delaying its plan to impose harmful tariffs on imports of automobiles and auto parts,” said Isakson.  “Moving forward with these tariffs would hurt American consumers and manufacturers, and I’ve heard from business owners in Georgia who say they will be forced to decrease capacity and delay planned expansion if tariffs are imposed. I look forward to working with the administration on ways to accomplish its goals to promote fair trade and domestic automobile production without imposing harmful tariffs that will hamper the U.S. economy.
We’re told that the foreign automobile industry generates nearly 70,000 jobs in Georgia.  Isakson said he has already heard from some business owners who said they would be adversely affected and may not be able to expand their business as they had been planning.

Friday afternoon, it was also announced that the Trump Administration is lifting tariffs on Canada and Mexico on steel and aluminum.  Isakson called it “more great trade news.” 

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