Rep. Buddy Carter says president’s speech was filled with partisan proposal

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SAVANNAH Ga. (WSAV) – Georgia’s Republican congressman from the 1st district says President Joe Biden’s first 100 days have been filled with partisan proposals.

“There’s been nothing but broken promises,” said Rep. Buddy Carter.

Carter and seven other Georgia Republicans in the House of Representatives recently wrote Biden a letter criticizing the president for speaking out against the state’s new election law. They claim that may have helped cost the state the MLB All-Star Game.

Wednesday night, Biden outlined his successes and future proposals, including encouraging both Democrats and Republicans to negotiate on a huge $2 trillion infrastructure package.

“America is on the move again,” the president said. “That’s after the pandemic and the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression.”

Carter took exception that Biden had inherited a bad economy.

“It was not an economic crisis. What has happened in this economy — thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was passed by the last administration, the Trump administration, and by the last Republican Congress — is that we’ve enjoyed a great economy, even through the pandemic,” said Carter.

Regarding the infrastructure plan, Carter and other Republicans have argued it includes too many things that are not considered traditional infrastructure.

The congressman said only a small percentage goes to roads, bridges, airports, and to waterways and ports. He pointed out how important the project to deepen the Savannah harbor is to the local economy.

Carter says Republicans want a scaled-down version to concentrates on roads, bridges and, hopefully, broadband.

“Those are things that are typical and that everyone would agree are infrastructure,” he said. “The rest of it is nothing more than a Democratic radical, liberal wish list.”

Carter says there are a lot of concerns about money, and that the American Rescue Plan — which made it through Congress with no Republican votes — is already costing $2 trillion.

“Now, the president is proposing $2 trillion in infrastructure and another $2 trillion in his new American Families Plan. That’s $6 trillion in 100 days, which is unbelievable,” said Carter.

Biden says the plan to assist families is long overdue, and that Republican citizens like many of his proposals even if Republican lawmakers do not. Polls gave the president high marks in terms of reaction to his speech.

Carter told WSAV he hopes infrastructure is something that both sides of the political aisle can talk about and reach an agreement.

However, at the same time, he said: “Biden has not done what he said he would do on January 20, which is to bring unity to the country.”

Carter — who was one of the more than 100 House members who voted not to accept Electoral College results in two states — says he does accept that Biden is the president.

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