An important gathering driving a major economic engine in the Coastal Empire staged at Georgia’s Ports Authority’s Garden City Terminal on Tuesday.

Three groups, the Center of Innovation for Logistics, Georgia Tech, and the Ports Authority itself, put pen to paper, pledging to work together. They want to improve what the ports in the Peach State can offer customers around the world. 

Matt Markham, Director of the Center of Innovation for Logistics, says this move can keep the ports at the front of the pack in competition in the world’s cargo, shipping, and logistics industries.

“It’s really gonna help Georgia continue to stand out in our location as a global gateway for supplies,” said Markham.

The goal of the formalized alliance is to bring advanced research, evolving global logistics trends, and analysis of the world to Savannah.

Griff Lynch, Executive Director of the Ports Authority, says the answers are not as simple as more adding container trucks. 

“We need to provide other alternatives to allow our customers to move their cargo to their inland destinations and here’s an area where Georgia Ports Authority has stepped beyond our gates to do this,” Lynch explained.

This partnership will put the research, power and reputation of Georgia Tech to finding logistics technologies that will make Georgia ports even more attractive to cargo companies. 

Dr. G.P. “Bud” Peterson, President of Georgia Tech, says, the hope is to capitalize on the changing nature of the economy.

“We’re moving to a knowledge economy with a strong basis, a strong focus on things like supply chain management, logistics, the types of things that are happening here in Savannah,” said Peterson.  

Georgia’s Congressman from the first District, Representative Buddy Carter, says forward thinking is what will keep Georgia’s Ports from being left behind by competitors in a global economy. 

“Look, this is business and in business, there’s no such thing as standing still, Carter said. “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. The Georgia Ports understands that and they get it.”

All parties say it won’t take long to see the benefits of their alliance.