Savannah, Ga (WSAV)- Georgia Ports Authority has donated a batch of at-home infant CPR kits to Memorial Health’s Children’s Hospital.

Parents aren’t just being given these kits without instruction; the hospital is offering training, and the kits come with an interactive guide so that parents can practice at home.

According to the American Heart Association- the percentage of children who survive cardiac arrest inside a hospital is 40% higher than children who suffer a cardiac arrest at their home.

They say the type of CPR that is typically performed on an adult is vastly different from a child, particularly an infant.
Georgia Ports Authority partnered with the American Heart Association to help combat this.

As an entity that employs thousands throughout the region, Georgia Ports Authority says community relationships are vital.

Performing CPR is a serious task, but the kit provides necessary instructions with lifesaving skills.

A doctor from Memorial Hospital says after a couple of days of training-parents should feel comfortable using the CPR kits.