ATLANTA (WSAV) — Zoo Atlanta debuted its new Gorilla Cam on Saturday.

The camera takes viewers inside the Ford African Rain Forest habitat, which houses four social groups of gorillas. The zoo paired the launch with a celebration of the birthdays of two silverback gorillas, Taz and his son Floyd. Taz turned 32-years-old and Floyd turned 2-years-old, Zoo Atlanta said.

“We expect the cam to be a wonderful educational resource that we hope will help people better understand, appreciate, and connect with western lowland gorillas, which are critically endangered,” Jennifer Mickelberg said, PhD, Vice President of Collections and Conservation. “Zoo Atlanta’s gorilla program is one of the foremost in the world, and we look forward to introducing new people to this species, even if they are unable to visit the Zoo.”

Gorillas can be seen roaming around from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Zoo Atlanta says the cameras will show the primates resting, playing and foraging for food. Zoo Atlanta said it’s home to one of the largest populations of gorillas in North America.

Kudzoo, Sukari, and Lulu and their offspring Merry Leigh, Mijadala, Anaka, and Andi can also be seen on the cam meandering through the habitat.