ATLANTA (WSAV) – Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp delivered the 2022 State of the State before the General Assembly Thursday morning, the final address of his first term in office.

“Over the last three years we built Georgia’s house on a firm foundation,” said Kemp. “The concrete, the frame and the roof withstood the storms and we emerged resilient.”

Kemp said Georgia experienced “unprecedented success.” The governor credited that success to the state’s ability to stay open for business, bringing jobs to Georgia.

Kemp spoke about the difficulties that educators across the state faced during the COVID pandemic.

The governor announced that his 2023 fiscal budget proposal will include a final $2,000 pay raise installment to complete a $5,000 teacher pay raise first implemented in 2018.

The 2023 budget proposal will also recommend adding $425 million to help fund schools.

Kemp spoke about Critical Race Theory and his plans to work with state lawmakers to “protect our students from divisive ideologies.”

“Marty and I are also concerned about what we are seeing across the country. From the classroom to the ball field, There are those that want to divide our kids along political lines, push partisan agendas and indoctrinate students from all walks of life,” said Kemp. “This is wrong. It’s dangerous. And as long as I am governor, it will not take root up in our state.”

The governor also said he plans to work with state lawmakers to pass a Parental Bill of Rights.

Kemp spoke about the legislative work for the state’s health industry from health insurance reform to creating health jobs across Georgia. He highlighted the passing of Georgia’s Patients First Act in 2019.

“That would increase access to coverage to our most vulnerable and also lowering costs for millions of Georgians,” explained Kemp.

The governor also teased several budget funding proposals for educating health care practitioners, funding foster care and adoption operations, and funding law enforcement agencies across the state.