All four of the project co-owners of Vogtle 3 and 4 have voted to continue construction of the two new nuclear units near Waynesboro.

According to Georgia EMC, Georgia Power, Oglethorpe Power, MEAG Power and Dalton Utilities also agreed to finalize and execute definitive agreements which helps mitigate financial exposure for each of them.

“We are all pleased to have reached an agreement and to move forward with the construction of Vogtle Units 3 & 4 which is critical to Georgia’s energy future,” said the co-owners in a press release. “While there have been and will be challenges throughout this process, we remain committed to a constructive relationship with each other and are focused on reducing project risk and fulfilling our commitment to our member-consumers.”

The new units are the first to be built in the United States in more than 30 years and the only new nuclear units currently under construction in America.

Vogtle 3, expected in November 2021 and 4, in November 22, are expected to generate enough emission-free electricity to power approximately 500,000 homes and businesses.