ATLANTA (WSAV) — Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport – the world’s busiest – is prepping up for summer travel. They are expecting to have around 100 million travelers this year – reaching pre-pandemic levels.

Atlanta airport staff say more than 2 million passengers are expected to travel through Atlanta’s airport from last Thursday to this Wednesday – with an average of 300,000 passengers daily.

The TSA in Atlanta says last Friday was the 3rd busiest day for the airport’s security with 98,000 passengers and crew, and last Thursday was the fourth busiest with around 95,000 passengers being screened.

“We are in the middle of a 11 million program called ATL next to modernize the ATL domestic terminal, insulation of new security machines and our priority is to make sure there is minimal effect.”

With heavy travel volumes – expect fuller parking lots and longer lines at security with an average of 45 minutes at checkpoints at Hartsfield Jackson International.

“The best traveler is an informed traveler and to ensure you check for any updates and pack your patience. With increased passenger volume, we encourage passengers to come 2 hours earlier and 3 hours for international.”

TSA says the biggest culprit they see is passengers trying to bring a firearm – as a carry-on.

Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Asst. Director Anika Robertson said, “Pack smart – our partners are TSA say pack an empty bag. Make sure your carry-on luggage does not carry any prohibited items. This includes liquids over 3.4 oz, weapons, firearms, and some food items.”

Atlanta airport staff say the best days to travel are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.