Transformer cause of underground explosions in Atlanta, officials say

Georgia News

Officials say a transformer failure caused a series of underground explosions in Atlanta this week.

On Wednesday morning, officials say the failure caused several mini fires which sent smoke billowing into the air.

According to Georgia Power, smoke was coming from a grate used to ventilate the underground area where the transformer is located.

Witnesses said manhole covers were blown off during the explosions.

“Once those explosions did happen, it tripped a large transformer breaker system on Wabash Street just a few blocks away from here,” said Sgt. Cortez Stafford with the Atlanta Fire Department. “That cut the power that was going to those transformers, which in turn put the fire out and caused the explosions to cease. 

“So the explosions stopped, the fire put itself out, and the smoke went away.”

No injuries were reported, but several blocks of the typically busy Peachtree Street were impacted.

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