‘There is no Atlanta without all of this.’ MLK, Jr. National Park in Atlanta reopens thanks to Delta

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The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park in Atlanta is scheduled to reopen today (Monday), despite the shutdown. That’s after a company stepped up to make sure the historic landmarks would temporarily open their doors on the federal holiday.

At Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Martin Luther King Day means just a little bit more. It’s where both Martin Luther King Sr. and Jr. were once pastors like Reverend Raphael Warnock is now.

“I am under no illusion that I’m walking in Dr. King’s shoes, my job is to stand on his shoulders. There are still people in our congregation who knew ‘ML’ as they call him.”

The actual place where Dr. King preached is across the street at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church which is part of a national park in Atlanta along with King’s birth home, his tomb and a visitor’s center to learn about the civil rights icon.

All of them closed because of the partial government shutdown–that was until Atlanta-based Delta Airlines stepped in offering grant money to the national park service to reopen.

Dr. Albert Paul Brinson, grew up around the King family. He says, “It says something about Atlanta. There is no Atlanta without all of this.”

It might be needed too, with no end in sight to the government shutdown and hundreds of thousands of federal workers hung out to dry.

Some of them in Reverend Warnock’s congregation.  “We’re witnessing a shutdown in government, a breakdown in civility and common sense. and in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. We need to get beyond this and realize that we are tired of a single garment of destiny as he often said.”

NPS says the money keeps the park open for 16 days which would include the Super Bowl also to be played in Atlanta.

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