Swainsboro mom, man charged in sexual abuse case of 3-month-old

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A mother is in jail facing child abuse charges and the man she left her 3-month old baby with is accused of sodomy.

The mother, Brandy Lee and William Woods made their appearance in an Emanuel County courtroom on Thursday.

Woods is charged with aggravated child molestation and sodomy. 

The judge asked if he understood the charges brought against him and he said “no.”

Lee is charged with cruelty to children since she left her infant with someone who Swainsboro Police feels was not in a position to watch her. 

“We did find methamphetamine in the room so he is also charged with that,” said Police Chief Randy Ellison of Woods. “We have him charged as a result of some evidence that we saw on the body of the child and we do also have him charged with sodomy.” 

Woods called for EMS and when they got there, the little girl was unresponsive. 

It’s something people who live in the apartments where it happened can’t wrap their minds around. 

“How could somebody do that? I mean, it’s a child for Pete’s sake,” said Sandy Hancock. “You’re talking about an infant. What’s really going through your mind?” 

The baby was airlifted to Augusta University and, as of Wednesday night, remains in critical condition. 

“We don’t know — here we are 27, 28 hours later — if the child is going to make it or not,” Ellison said.

The chief said they do have photographic evidence in the case that he says “should speak for itself in a court of law.”

The incident is under investigation, and more arrests are possible.

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