Suspect in GA teen’s murder arrested at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Georgia News

A trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s landed one Georgia man, accused of murdering a teenager, behind bars.

The suspect, Dakarai Tolbert, was at the entertainment center with his family Tuesday when the arrest was made.

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office had been searching for Tolbert since December in connection to the murder of an Atlanta-area teen.

Deputies say they also arrested Tolbert’s girlfriend for lying to investigators about his whereabouts. 

According to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, an undercover officer with the Fugitive Squad was able to positively identify Tolbert. The officer moved in on Tolbert while he was away from families, and authorities said he was arrested discreetly.

Tolbert had been wanted for the Dec. 21 murder of 18-year-old Iseir George in College Park. 

George had been in his house on Broad-River Road visiting with family from school when he got a call around 8:00 p.m. to come outside the home. When he did, authorities said he was gunned down by Tolbert.

Tolbert faces both felony murder and aggravated assault charges. He and his girlfriend are being held in the Clayton County Jail.

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