ATLANTA (WSAV) — Day 1 of the 40-day legislative session is now in the books – and wrapped up right around noon on Monday.

The first order of business was to elect a new speaker of the house – Jon Burns – to replace late speaker David Ralston.

Day 1 is just an order of business – electing housekeepers and other administrative duties – many lawmakers flying out early to LA for the UGA game and will reconvene on Wednesday with Tuesday being a break day.

“Georgia football is inextricable from the Georgia general assembly, especially this first week. I had a friend ask me if we are changing the date but we have to be here per the Georgia constitution and have to convene on the second Monday of January,” said Rep. Teri Anulewicz of Smyrna. 

Many lawmakers say this session – some of the key priorities besides healthcare and education will include talks about mental health, public safety, casino gambling and sports betting. 

“I think we will continue to have legislation to promote economic development like in my area with the Hyundai plant is being built and the infrastructure,” Sen. Ben Watson of Savannah said. 

Rep. Brian Prince of Augusta stated, “One of the things is that I want to make sure the funds we had for the veteran’s affairs cemetery in Augusta area stays in the budget and hopefully we can get with the federal folks to fund the rest of that portion.”

State lawmakers say they will also talk about runoff elections and how best Georgia can mange voting in the future.

State lawmakers will wrap up the 2023 legislative session on day 40 – which will fall on March 29 to ratify a state budget.