ATLANTA (WSAV) — State lawmakers say this legislative session election laws and ways to make voting efficient are likely to come up.

State lawmakers while healthcare and education form the bulk of the budget, they will expect to see legislation come up on how to handle Georgia’s handle given the recent slew of elections over the past few years.

“We are going to see some issues with voting issues,” said State. Rep. Roger Bruce (D-South Fulton County)

State Rep. Roger Bruce (D- South Fulton County) said, “There are some people who are looking to push off run-off elections.”

Under the gold dome – lawmakers are reviewing the efficiency of run-off elections and ways to make voting easier.

“In the long run I support instant run-off or ranked choice voting – people can rank candidates – ranked choice is another term for that,” said State Rep. Marvin Lim (D-Norcross) 

State lawmakers say an instant run-off process could save the state money, and prevent voters from showing up at the polls multiple times.

“I think evidence has shown outside of GA that can be an efficient way to do voting but will requite a lot of education,” Rep. Lim continued. 

“I was on a Saturday in December and saw so many people show up that early voting – but these are educated so what are we doing year round to educate voters through digital means?”

Lawmakers say this is how military and overseas ballots work – with ranked choices – and it saves both money and time.