Residents of North Georgia town worried about cancer causing gas released from local medical plant

Georgia News

SMYRNA, Ga. (WSAV) – Residents of a North Georgia community are asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to shut down a plant in their neighborhood because of a health risk.

On Monday, a large group of concerned citizens attended a meeting about Sterigenics, a medical sterilization company in the area. A Web MD study came out in July and revealed that the facility in Smyrna has been releasing Ethylene oxide, a toxic, cancer causing gas, into the air for years.

Residents are asking for the plant to be shut down while more environmental tests are done.

“I can see the building smokestacks and everything,” Nicole Hughs, a concerned Smyrna resident said. “I can walk down the street where I live and see it all.”

The meeting grabbed the attention of lawmakers along with the public.

“I think everybody is on notice that we’re not just going to sit back and be spoon-fed information and be expected just to take it,” Rep. Jen Jordan said.

A plant spokesperson said emissions are well below federal regulations, but the EPA has still promised to do more testing.

There is also a Sterigenics plant in Covington.

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