EVANS, Ga (WJBF)- Wednesday morning, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger made a stop in Evans to speak to the Columbia County Rotary Club. Among the big topics- making sure elections are secure.

Secretary Raffensperger spoke to the Rotary Club about election integrity and answered some questions about misinformation regarding the 2020 election. He said Georgia voters shouldn’t be hesitant to cast their ballots.

“This will be robust campaigning. And so, you can trust the machines, you can trust the integrity of our office, but also your local county election office,” said Raffensperger.

Raffenberger believes some of Georgia’s controversial voting law is being blown out of proportion.
He said he hopes that continuing the discussion about the election will help clear up misinformation.

“Well it’s just a huge misinformation and disinformation campaign. Outright falsehoods and so people still have questions,” he said. “And when someone has 80 million Twitter followers and our office has 44,000 on a good day, it’s just tough to compete against that. So you just go out and talk to groups and start giving the information.”

We also asked Secretary Raffensperger about the controversy surrounding Lincoln County, where the Board of Elections is considering closing all polling locations except for one.

“Counties decide how many polling locations they’ll have and that’s usually based on population and also their budget. But the county will make that decision and they can listen to their voters and the people that live in their county,” Raffensperger explained.

This week an Atlanta area District Attorney was granted a special grand jury to investigate former President Donald Trump’s alleged election interference.

Raffensperger said his office will cooperate with the investigation.

“Already they’ve asked for documents and people have already talked to them, so we will give them additional information if that’s what they request. We understand it’s a lawful process they go through and we follow the law.”

Raffensperger says the new voter registration system called Jarvis is needed to prevent threats in the future. It will be in place for the May 24th election.