ATLANTA (WSAV) — Georgia is just three months away from the crucial midterm elections with new voting polls showing that voters are most concerned about the economy.

This Sunday, the senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act to bolster the economy, reduce drug costs, increase corporate tax and combat climate change.

“We are going to take steps to increase clean energy, increase oil production, to reduce costs for driving your car, heating your home.”

Lawmakers say, if approved, it could lower energy costs, increase American energy security and invest in decarbonizing the economy.

“If the Inflation Reduction Act is enacted then we will see energy costs brought down, Americans leading in those jobs,” said Shalanda Young, Office of Management and Budget Director for the White House. “We should not concede clean energy to China. We want solar panels and clean energy here in America.”

A key highlight of the act will reduce carbon emissions and help Georgians shift to green energy — especially in disadvantaged and rural areas.

“Ensuring we spend on clean energy and help Americans to lower the cost and bring down the deficit,” Young said.

“It would help with other energy costs like home eating by providing tax credits to do more energy efficient heatings in their home,” said Bharat Ramamurthi, with the National Economic Council.

While Democrats say it will bring down inflation, Republicans argue this is just a political ploy ahead of the November elections and could lead to a recession. It’s now heading to the House later this week.

Another component of the bill, to cap the cost of insulin at $35 proposed by Sen. Raphael Warnock did not get the green light.

Georgia’s Department of Labor said the state added 18,000 jobs between May and June, and the state’s unemployment sits at less than 3%, far below the national average and the lowest in the state’s history.