Parents outraged over Buford superintendent’s racial discrimination lawsuit

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Parents poured into a Buford school board meeting Monday night amid the lawsuit against the former superintendent over racially charged remarks.

Gey Hamby resigned on Friday from his position as Superintendent of Buford City Schools. Just days prior, he was placed on leave over accusations of discrimination and using racist language.

“You know we lost a strong leader when Mr. Hamby went down,” said Buford City School Board Chairman Phillip Beard in Monday’s meeting.

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of a former school employee who says she was fired without justification. It also accuses the superintendent of openly using racial slurs and claims to have Hamby on tape.

Now, parents and residents are demanding answers.

In the school board meeting, parents stood up to ask about the terms of Hamby’s exit and how long the board knew about the remarks.

“The hoods have been revealed,” said one resident. “Let me explain to you what that word n****r represents — terrorism, violence. And the way he talked, the way he talked about how he wanted to do that to that black man like he said it was like he was just breathing air.”

And that anger was not directed just at the former superintendent. The entire Buford City School Board, and Chairman Beard, in particular, came under fire. 

“Shame on each and every one of you at that table. And shame on you Phillip Beard. You have known about this recording and Mr. Hamby’s words since they were first uttered by him on the now infamous tape,” explained one parent, adding, “You were the unidentified voice we hear speaking with Mr. Hamby. You sat there while these vicious and disgusting words flowed from his mouth.”

When asked if he was on the recording, Beard said he did not know and that the tape would be analyzed.

“The tape the attorneys told us it was put together. They’ve asked for the original. And we’ll get the original,” he said. “I’ve said what I’ve said. The man – Mr. Hamby’s gone, he’s done us all wrong. And we’ll straighten it out. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

School board attorney Walt Britt said the recordings’ authenticity has not yet been determined.

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