Ossoff slams Perdue for mocking Harris’ name

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ATLANTA (WSAV) – Sen. David Perdue was criticized by Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff this week for what he says was “intentional mocking” of Sen. Kamala Harris.

“Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden are trying to perpetrate, and Bernie and Elizabeth and Kamala, or what Kamala? Kamala or Ka-mala, -mala, -mala. I don’t know. Whatever,” the senator said during a rally in Macon on Friday for President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Ossoff was joined by Democratic state lawmakers, slamming Perdue’s comments.

“Georgia needs leaders who unite us,” Ossoff told reporters. “David Perdue has resorted to schoolyard insults and bullying, mocking his political opponents for their names and heritage.”

The group said that type of racism, hate and bigotry is unacceptable in the Peach State — and that Georgians deserve better.

“David Perdue took a name that has deep meaning in South Asian culture and the Hindu religion and turned into a punch line,” said State Rep. Angelika Kausche. “It took him seconds for so many people who chose America as home, he thinks of us as foreign.”

The lawmakers talked about their own battles of racism in Georgia, where they were made fun of simply because of their name, the way they looked or the way they dressed.

Perdue said his mispronunciation was an honest mistake:

I absolutely meant no disrespect to the senator from California. My role in this is to point out the differences in what their agenda is and what our agenda is. A lot of Democrats will do or say anything right now to hide their radical, socialist agenda.

Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.)

Jon Ossoff is showing how desperate his campaign really is. Rather than discuss the issues that matter most to Georgians, Ossoff is pushing divisive smears to distract voters from his radical socialist agenda. Senator Perdue remains focused on helping Georgia through the COVID-19 crisis, reigniting our economy, creating jobs, strengthening our military, and making healthcare more affordable for working families. While Ossoff criticized needed COVID relief for Georgians earlier this year, his biggest donor Senator Chuck Schumer last night tried to kill all COVID relief from passing until after the election. It’s shameful Ossoff isn’t talking about that instead.

Casey Black, Perdue campaign spokeswoman

Perdue and Ossoff face off on Nov. 3 for the U.S. Senate seat in Georgia.

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