ATLANTA (WSAV) — A new proposal under the gold dome in Atlanta could increase the cargo weight limit on trucks by 10% to 88,000 pounds.

“It would give those trucks to carry at a higher weight – agricultural products only,” explained State Rep. Jodi Lott (R-Augusta). 

Advocates say this would help farmers transport goods more frequently and efficiently – especially with a shortage with truck drivers.

“Lowering the cost to small businesses because they can increase the amount of product in one truck,” Lott said. “The benefit is to lower the number of employees they have because one truck can have more product.”

Critics argue that increased weight limits for trucks could roads and bridges, increase accidents, and cost taxpayers more money to fix worn out roads.

“We know that electric vehicles weigh more than gas vehicles and know that electric big rigs and semis will be driving with more frequency so we are trying to get our roads ready for that,” said State Rep. Teri Anulewicz (D-Smyrna). 

She continued, “It gives the state some time to figure out funding and how the state can keep up with the roads in the coming decades.”

Lott questioned, “Can it lower the cost of food for people because the product is being shipped at a more reasonable cost?”

State lawmakers have until Wednesday to draft the final changes to House Bill 189.