ATLANTA (WSAV) – Georgians will be seeing a new look, with enhanced security features on driver’s licenses and identification cards.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) has already started issuing these new cards across the state. Keep in mind: all previously issued Georgia licenses and IDs will remain valid until they expire.

DDS says this card has been designed with the most secure credentials ever in Georgia.

“I commend Commissioner Spencer R. Moore and the DDS Team for this important achievement,” said Governor Brian Kemp. “These upgrades ensure that Georgia will continue to issue one of the most secure credentials in the nation and enhance confidence in the safety and security of these documents.”

The cards are made with durable, premium polycarbonate to reduce forgery and fraud. DDS says the most dramatic change is the use of black and white photos, considered “the new industry best practice.”

“Images are laser engraved and are virtually tamper resistant and increases the overall security of the license,” a statement from DDS reads.

As for the look of the card, the Georgia peach and outline of the state are integrated into the design. An anchor symbol will soon be available to designate those who have completed the Department of Natural Resources Boater Education.

Under 21 cards will remain vertically oriented.

For more information on what’s on your card, visit here.