Nearly 50 Georgia students involved in sexting scandal

Georgia News

Dozens of students at one Georgia school have been implicated in a major sexting scandal.

About 50 Union County teenagers were caught sending naked pictures of classmates over their phones.

“It’s a nationwide problem, but we have realized it has come to Union County High School,” said Union County School Superintendent John Hill.

He says a parent first informed the Union County High School principal of the scandal last month.

School police believe 46 students, some as young as 14, were involved in the illegal exchange of nude photographs of each other.

Hill says the district could have pressed felony child porn charges but decided against it.

“Most of the kids do not have a clue that they are committing a crime,” he said.

The superintendent says the student code of conduct guided the punishments, which ranged from short-term suspension to alternative school.

The school system is working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney to educate students about sexting, emphasizing nude photos could get in the hands of child predators.

Hill says continuing this type of education is key.

“We will be looking at curriculum to implement next year with all our students on cyber safety,” he added.

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