COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — It was a night to remember for Georgia fans everywhere as the Bulldogs took the top spot in the college football world for the first time in 41 years. For members of the 1980 team, the victory tasted even sweeter. 

Dale Williams, Jr. knows exactly what it means to bleed red and black as he grew up on the sidelines of Georgia football games. His father, Dale Williams, was #9 on that iconic 1980 championship team. The father and son duo share the same name… and the same love for the Bulldogs.

“Remembering back the stories of him being with Herschel Walker, DJ Jones and Buck Belue and Lindsay Scott it’s surreal to actually see it happen in my time and his time… I can’t even imagine how excited he was back then and even today.”

Dale Williams, Jr.

As the clock ran out, Stetson Bennett wasn’t the only one who shed tears of joy. It was a full circle moment for Williams, Jr. as he wore his father’s lucky number 9 jersey throughout the game. It was a much needed victory after an otherwise difficult few years for the Williams family — as Williams Sr. battled for his health.

“He’s slowly getting better. He had a stroke fall of 2020 and he’s slowly recuperating. He is in assisted living but his spirits are still high and I’m glad he got a chance to see Georgia win again.”

Dale Williams, Jr.

After Williams Sr. hung up his uniform, he teamed up with former Georgia teammate DJ Jones to form the “Sports Visions” sports team. The Columbus duo have championed local athletes in the Chattahoochee Valley through their radio and TV show.

“DJ had the opportunity to go to Indianapolis. He said he felt kind of sad without my dad, but I’m just glad both of them were able to see their team do it again.”

Dale Williams, Jr.

Despite his health battles, the competitive nature of an athlete never goes away. Williams Sr. told his son he wished he could be back out there playing with his team. 

When asked how long it’s going to be for another Georgia national championship title, Williams Jr. said with confidence: “365 days.”

To support Williams’ recovery, the family set up this GoFundMe fundraiser to help cover medical expenses that their insurance can’t cover.